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excursions for the Mitsio islands will start
on march 15

We are 2 minutes walk from the beach Madirokely, a clean beach very nice and uncrowded.
A coral reef awaits you for an initiation mask, fins and snorkel I willingly if your measurements are average.

- Day to islands Nosy Komba morning visit to the island and its park of lemurs then Tanikely Island: Lunch on the beach and snorkeling up to 15 hours in a nature reserve funds are beautiful. Price 34 euros per person including lunch

- Day of the island of Nosy Iranja: Two small islands separated by a lagoon sand, a paradise for the eyes. Lazy day to the end of the stay for your tan.
Price 40 euros per person including meals more expensive because more distant destination 2 hours by boat.

- Walk in the reserve Lokobe: Taxi to a small fishing village and canoe for an hour to reach the reserve or walk about 2 hours waiting for you to discover the flora and fauna of a forest. Price per person: 26 euros.

- Rent a bike 125cc if you know of course to drive around the island and climb to Mont Passot, the highest point on the island with a beautiful panorama. Rental price for a day: 10 euros.

- By taxi: Island Tour and Sunset at Mont Passot with a driver selected by us. Price of the day: 40 euros (4 people max)

- For longer stays: Discover the Archipelago Mitsios 2 nights 3 days, 70 km navigation dhow (traditional boat Malagasy). Accommodation in a box with a single bed with mattress, bed linen. Along a deserted beach, a total change of scenery is guaranteed.
Price per person all included: 210 euros (the 2 nights at La Caravelle missed will not be counted)

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